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fandom_music's Journal

Let the Sound guide your Life...
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Fandom and music recs

ABOUT: fandom_music is a day-a-song group that allows members to take a month for their fandom. As of now, we're including a variety of fandoms (any suggested or claimed) so it's fairly polyfandom-ic.

This community is members only, please join AND fill in an application -- we'll approve you just as soon as we get them.

Once you have applied to join fill in the application form in the post linked above. ** Please note that to join you do not have to claim a month -- joining allows you to see all the posts, but you don't have to have 30 ideas when you join. ** If you do claim you will have to have a month worth of material.

Once you've joined, go read the rather sparse FAQ

To claim a month and a fandom, leave a comment in this post

To help us out while we are coding the the big damn claims table, drop a comment over here and suggest a fandom to us, any fandom.

RULES: DO NOT DISS THE MUSICAL TASTE OF OTHERS! Music is a deeply personal thing and also very subjective. If you don't like a genre of music, tough, we don't care. Use your scroll button.

Be nice. If you can't be nice, go away.

Please note that any and all fandoms are welcome and sometimes people are going to post a song and wax lyrical about it in a way someone isn't going to like. Slash may be mentioned. Incest may be mentioned. Zombie tentacle porn may be mentioned. We're not going to babysit you, you see something you don't like...scroll right on by.

GUIDE LINES: When it's your turn up to posting please use this format:

The wheres and whyforths of why you love a song and what it means in relation to you and your fandom are free form, write an essay if you want to, go nuts.

MODS: Your mods are lightly and shay_renoylds. We're nice, we don't bite...hard. If you have a problem feel free to email us. Our contact details are in our user infos. Do not comment in our personal journals, that will make us cranky.



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